A treatise in the sociology of knowledge about disputaions of sexism in media
: about the case of female managers in high school baseball

Masashi Takai
(Kansai University Graduate School)


   In Asahi newspaper, sexism about managers in high school sports became a subject, and it had been disputed from late 1980's to 1995. Those days, 'The age of wowen' was the major slogan in mass media. There was two type of disputation about sexism in high school baseball clubs. Someone insisted that 'most of managers are girls, so their existence must reproduce gender role in society'. On the other hand, others persist in the opinion that girl should be able to enter the bench as a manager in an official baseball game that is held every years in Koshien stadium. Two types of discourses struggled each other in Asahi newspaper. As a result, the latter beat out the former in 1996.That is to say, the latter disputation became major discourses in Asahi newspaper, and the former disputation had gone into the dimension of pre-discourse.
   As the factor of that result, it was matter that Japanese high school baseball association had looked out soccer as a strong enemy in 1990'. So the association tried to keep popularity of baseball among young generation, and had a vision to familiarize more girls and boys to high school baseball. That is to say, the agenda, that girl should be able to enter the bench as a manager in an official baseball, was not for girls who were managers but for men who participated in high school baseball deeply. The disputation about sexism was just in power politics of man.

Keywords: female manager, sexism, the Sociology of Knowledge

Journal of Sport and Gender Studies, 2: 4-16, 2004.